Bar Mitzva Tours in Israel

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A magical trip - the family comes together to celebrate this special life event in Israel, the home of the Jewish people. Create memories that will last a lifetime!

Day 1

Tel Aviv – and ‘old-new’ land

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 1We begin our day as the locals do, with a guided bicycle tour on comfortable cycling trails along exciting beaches, the bohemian Neve Tzedek neighborhood, Tel Aviv ‘White City’ and its tree-lined boulevards, and more…

Built 4,000 years ago, the Jaffa Port is the oldest in the world. We will explore the ancient alleyways and modern boutique galleries and shops, as well as having lunch in a famous local eatery.

We will finish the day along the famous Rothschild Blvd, learning about the building of Tel Aviv, the creation of the State of Israel, the Start-up nation, and more.

Overnight, Carlton Tel Aviv

Day 2

Israel – identity and service

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 2We begin at the ANU Museum of the Jewish People, a world class institution that connects Jewish people to their roots and strengthens their personal and collective Jewish identity.

The Palmach Museum is an experiential museum, covering the foundation of the IDF through the stories of individuals and groups. Visitors to the museum join the group of young Palmach recruits from its establishment, and advance through the story of the Palmach until the end of the War of Independence.

Discover how art, culture and politics and religion spill out onto the streets of Tel Aviv, with an interactive graffiti tour of Florentine.
Become street artists yourselves and spray on the walls of Tel Aviv!

Overnight, Carlton Tel Aviv

Day 3

Along the Coast

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 3We start our day at the magnificent Caesaria Maritana National Park, a 2,000 year old testament to the beauty, ingenuity and craftsmanship of ancient Israel.

After a short stop to see the breathtaking Bahai Gardens in Haifa, we shall arrive to Akko, a UNESCO world heritage site, a city of archaeology, architecture, beauty and culture. We will explore the Crusader Knight’s halls, and the alleyways of the old port city.

Overnight, Pastoral Kfar Blum Kibbutz Hotel

Day 4

The Golan Heights

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 4Begin our day with an adrenaline rush of a Jeep tour, that takes us all the way to the Syrian border, crossing anti-tank ditches, and visiting Israeli soldiers guarding the border today.

After visiting the powerful Helicopter crash memorial and learning about the sacrifice of Israeli soldiers today, we will hike along shaded streams and biblical archaeology in the Tel Dan National Park.

Overnight, Pastoral Kfar Blum Kibbutz Hotel

Day 5

The holy cities of Tsfat and Jerusalem

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 5Our day starts with an in-depth tour of the mystical holy city of Tsfat. Legends and stories come together with fresh mountain air, stunning views and gallery-filled alleys, to create a magical place. We will learn about the Jewish mystical tradition of kabbalah and partake in a workshop making our own candles, or learning to be a Torah scribe.

We will them make our way down to Jerusalem, entering the city at a magnificent viewpoint, to share a l’chaim, and welcome ourselves to the Holy City.

Overnight, the David Citadel, Jerusalem.

Day 6

Ancient Jerusalem

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 6

We begin where it all began, the City of David, for a full body tour of the original Jerusalem. Visit the archaeological remains, and explore underground passageways and ancient water systems.

We will then enter the walled Old City of Jerusalem for an in depth exploration of the beating heart of the Jewish people.

Overnight, the David Citadel, Jerusalem.

Day 7

Massada and the Dead Sea

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 7Head out to the desert for a tour of Massada, King Herod’s mountain top fortress, a truly magnificent site, with an incredible story and underlying message of heroism and bravery.

We will then check in for a day spa at the areas most luxurious hotel, for lunch, swimming, and floating in the salty Dead Sea.

Overnight, the David Citadel, Jerusalem.

Day 8

The Bar Mitzvah

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 8Your special day begins with the service at the Western Wall. Joined by your family, led by our Rabbi, captured by our photographer, and dazzled by our drummers and horn blowers.

After a festive brunch in the Old City, we will choose from any number of spectacular VIP activities to make your day extra special.

Overnight, the David Citadel, Jerusalem.

Day 9

From Destruction to Redemption

Bar / Bat Mitzva Tours in Israel - Day 9Start with a sombre tour of Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, taking part in their Bar/Bar Mitzvah twinning project, and leaving renewed with the important message: Never again!

Change tune as we head to the world famous Mahane Yehuda Produce Market, and taste our way around the Jewish culinary world with a tour by a top chef or local celebrity.

Bar Mitzva in Israel

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