Christian tours in Israel

Christian Pilgrimage Tour

Israel is the center of the world for the Christian faith - the land where Jesus walked, ministered, was crucified and resurrected. Today it is a land of pilgrimage for millions of people every year.

Day 1

The origins of Our faith

Christian tour day 1We begin where it all began, the City of David, for a full tour of the original Jerusalem. Visit the archaeological remains, and explore underground passageways and ancient water systems, as well as visiting the Pool of Siloam.

We will then enter the walled Old City of Jerusalem And visit the Southern Steps of the Temple to see where Jesus walked.

After lunch we will visit the Israel Museum to see the Shrine of the Book and the Model of Jerusalem in the 2nd Temple period

Overnight, Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 2

Jesus in Jerusalem

Christian tour day 2Starting atop the Mt of Olives for a breathtaking view over Jerusalem, we will then walk along the ancient pilgrim roads of the city: The Palm Sunday Route and the Via Dolorosa, stopping at the Pools of Bethesda along the way. Our tour culminates in a visit to the Holy Sepulchre Church – often considered to be the holiest site in Christendom.

After lunch, we will have some time to shop, and to tour the beautiful Garden Tomb site.

Overnight, Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 3

Massada and the Dead Sea

Christian tour day 3Head out to the desert for a tour of Massada, King Herod’s mountain top fortress, a truly magnificent site, with an incredible story and underlying message of heroism and bravery. We will then check in for a day spa at the areas most luxurious hotel, for lunch, swimming, and floating in the salty Dead Sea. On the way home, tour the ancient city of Jericho.

Overnight, Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 4


Christian tour day 4Today we take a short ride to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, and site of the Holy Nativity Church.

Our in-depth tour will be conducted by a local Palestinian Christian Guide.

Overnight, Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem

Day 5

Along the Jordan Valley

Christian tour day 5Today we tour Beit Shean/Scythopolis, the Capital of the region in the Roman Period, and a magnificently preserved archaeological site. As we reach the Galilee, we will spot for a dip in the Jordan river at the traditional baptism site of Yardenit,

Overnight Sofia Hotel, Tiberias

Day 6

Jesus’ Ministry in the Galilee

Christian tour day 6We spend today touring the amazing sites around the Sea of Galilee – Capernaum and the Mt of Beatitudes. We will visit the recently excavated ancient synagogue at Magdala, and enjoy a private boat ride on the lake.

Overnight Sofia Hotel, Tiberias

Day 7

The Golan Heights

Christian tour day 7Climb to the North of Israel to the hike in Biblical Tel Dan, and visit Caesaria Phillipi, before relaxing at a local winery, or visiting the Israeli-Syrian border on an exhilarating jeep tour.

Overnight Sofia Hotel, Tiberias

Day 8

Nazareth and the Mediterranean Coast

Christian tour day 6
Visit Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus. See the impressive Annunciation church, and the amazing views from Mt Precipice. Continue to the coast and visit Caesaria Maritima, the most beautiful archaeological site in Israel.

Overnight Sofia Hotel, Tiberias

Day 9

Jaffa and Tel Aviv

Christian tour day 9One of the world’s most ancient ports, and today a bustling neighborhood of modern Tel Aviv, we will explore the alleyways of Jaffa this morning. The town is the location of Peter’s vision at the house of Simon the Tanner, and the port featured prominently in several Biblical events.

After lunch, we have a chance to visit Tel Aviv, the cultural capital of Israel, and a city that never sleeps

Overnight, Market House Hotel, Jaffa

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