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Whilst a successful trip begins with the planning and dedication of our tour planners and content creators, a true Trip-Of-A-Lifetime comes from being led on your journey by one of Israel’s leading tour guides. We hand pick the guide for each tour, based on the specific needs and interests of the group. Your tour guide will lead your trip, they will teach you, laugh with you, and you will become great friends and even like family.

Jeremy Collins
Introducing our Guides

Meet Jeremy

● Name: Jeremy Collins
● Lives: Tzur Hadassah
● Expertise: Family Tours, Christian Tours, Food Tours
● Favorite site: The Western Wall at Sunset
● Favorite meal: Polenta@ MachneYuda

Introducing our Guides

Meet Or

● Name: Or Ben Ami
● Lives: Ashkelon
● Expertise: Jerusalem, Bible, Archaeology
● Favorite site: City of David
● Favorite meal: Wagyu Shwarma @ Itzik HaGadol, TLV

Jerusalem with Jeremy - Or Ben-Ami
Gila Levitan Tour Guide
Introducing our Guides

Meet Gila

● Name: Gila Levitan
● Lives: Tel Aviv
● Expertise: Culinary experiences, Tel Aviv, Jewish heritage
● Favorite site: The Austrian Hospice in the Old City
● Favorite meal: Green Shakshuka @Kitchen market, TLV

Introducing our Guides

Meet Yossi

● Name: Yossi Yeger
● Lives: Petach Tikva
● Expertise: Political tours, family tours
● Favorite site: The small wailing wall (haKotel hakatan)
● Favorite meal: Lamb Shwarma @North Abraxas, TLV

Yossi Yeger Tour Guide
Adam Bodenstein Tour Guide
Introducing our Guides

Meet Adam

● Name: Adam Bodenstein
● Lives: Tsfat
● Expertise: Tsfat tours, family tours, Jewish heritage tour
● Favorite site: The Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue, Tzfat
● Favorite meal: Mushroom Truffle Papaerdelle @Joya

Simply put

Get to Know Jeremy

...I am passionate about Israel's history,
her stories, her sights,
and most of all her secrets...

Get to know Israel

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